These are reduced size/density screen shots of Lotus Sametime 7.5, announced today at Lotusphere 2006.

Chat window, featuring timestamps, emoticons, fonts, and richer directory information:
Image:Lotus Sametime 7.5 screen shots

The chat client can be enhanced with cool custom UI elements, for example, place-based elements such as local conference rooms:Image:Lotus Sametime 7.5 screen shots
Web conferencing gets a signifcant update as well:
Image:Lotus Sametime 7.5 screen shots

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  1. 1  Ben Rose |

    Looks great, although spell checking in IM looks overkill. Guess it works if you're keeping the chatlog in a shared DB later.

    Web conferencing looks a lot better, but a little late for us. Will this still be a hosted option (WebEx style) from IBM?

    I just tried to call Kelly Hardart but the number is disconnected...shame.

  1. 2  Ed Brill |

    Premises-based, not hosted by IBM. Some third parties provide Sametime hosting.

    Spell check got lots of applause in the room.

  1. 3  Simon Barratt |

    At last! Some serious overhaul of Sametime! I hope it is not too late.

  1. 4  Neil Gower |

    Sametime looks cool.. This is a long overdue overhaul... IBM let Sametime slip badly...

    I love the integration with telephony, we have avaya and linking sametime into this is very cool. Can see a bunch of uses for it !!

  1. 5  MarvinK  |

    Whoa! I guess it's OK they didn't have time to update the 7.0 interface to match the icons in the Notes 7 client... they were obviously busy with their first substantial overhaul ever! Any word on when this will be out in beta? Ship? Looks very nice.

  1. 6  Ed Brill |

    @5 ship "mid-year 2006"

  1. 7  Mikkel Heisterberg |

    I think you forgot to mention one of the best features shown in the General Openning Session - a built in screencapture application that allows you to embed screencaptures directly into the chat. I can't recall the number of times I have gone through taking a screenshot and saving it as a file before sending it off via Sametime. Totally cool.

  1. 8  Gun Chan  |

    could anyone tell me where could I download the beta version?

  1. 9  Ed Brill |

    you can't. Not yet.

  1. 10  Vaughan Rivett |

    Does anyone know if this version of Sametime (Server) will be able to run on Linux? This would be a major plus if it can.

  1. 11  Ed Brill |

    Not currently in plan.

  1. 12  Scot Haberman  |

    The new client looks great. One question in regards to STLinks. Will the links generated by STLinks use this new Sametime client (I need the chat logging capability).


  1. 13  Bruce |

    what is the plan to update the sametime in Lotus Notes client. Its very simple right now in the client, a little more features maybe in 7.5 lotus notes client, will be nice. any plans?

  1. 14  Ed Brill |

    There is no plan for a 7.5 Lotus Notes client...the next major release, "Hannover", has not been given a number. "Hannover" is a 2007 release while Sametime 7.5 is a mid-2006 release.

    Both are being built on the same architecture, so in the "Hannover" timeframe, Notes will be able to leverage the new Sametime architecture. What capabilities are actually licensed to Notes users in "Hannover" (vs. the Sametime full use license) are still TBD.

  1. 15  Mike Perrett |

    Fantastic updates all much needed featurs.

    Will the versioning be consistent. For instance Since ND6 Sametime 6.5.1 required Domino 6.5.1 or better. Will Sametime 7.5 follow this simple approach and require Domino 7.5.

    If so I take it Domino 7.5 is also scheduled for a "mid 2006" release.


  1. 16  Ed Brill |

    Sametime 7.5 is being released "out of cycle" as compared to Notes/Domino. There is no major Notes/Domino release this year -- 7.0.2 in Q3 will contain some new features but is not a "7.5" release. So, Sametime 7.5 runs on Domino 7...not requiring a new version of Domino as far as I know.

  1. 17  sdfdfeifl  |