If my computer were a slot machine, the number of pings I just received about this blog entry would have meant hitting the jackpot.  Some very interesting criticisms of Outlook, including some from Outlook 2007:

Outlook frustrated the hell out of me when I began using it a year ago, so I started keeping a list. Here is that list.

Sections: Composing Email - Reading Email - Search - Slowness - Usability - Misc - Aesthetics

It looks to me like 2/3rds of these, or more, are features that do work as the author expects in Lotus Notes 8.

A sample issue:

Broken auto-guessing of names (Outlook 2003)

You type in a name, and it doesn't do any auto complete. In fact, sometimes you don't know who it's going to pick until you hit send (or proactively hit the "Find Names" button) if the person you want isn't yet in your contacts, but someone of a similar name is, you've just emailed the wrong person!
I link this in the same spirit that many often link to the Lotus Notes Sucks website (which hasn't been updated in two years -- maybe the author finally saw Notes 8!).

Link: Stan James: 67 Reasons that Outlook Sucks >

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