I'm reading the Austrian Airlines in-flight magazine, which announces that Austrian will begin nonstop flights -- finally! -- between Chicago O'Hare and Vienna, starting in March '07.  This makes the 10th Star Alliance carrier to serve ORD, joining United, Air Canada, bmi, Lufthansa, Swiss, SAS, LOT, Asiana, ANA, and US Airways.  

How's oneworld doing in comparison?  Well, Aer Lingus is leaving the alliance.  That leaves American, Iberia's one flight, and British Airways, where they won't reciprocate miles with AA's program. In 2007 they'll add JAL and Royal Jordanian, but it's still no match.

I have every hope that I won't fly as much in 2007 as I did in 2006, but it's still nice to know that one set of airlines is more and more in tune with the Chicago market.

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