I wasn't able to make it to DNUG, the Deutsche (German) Notes Users Group meeting this week in Bonn, so I arranged for Brent Peters, VP of Development for Notes/Domino, to be the keynote.  Permessa CEO Stefan Mehlnorn is in Bonn and wrote about some of the upcoming Notes features that Brent previewed:

What caught my attention was a demo around Notes-based mashups using the power of Eclipse. It showed how easy it can be to incorporate external web services content right into the Notes client.

Example: Rather than having to check the flight status on a carrier's website, why not integrate a lookup right into email and calendar entries that contain a flight number. A simple REGEX based recognizer logic easily wires matching string patterns such as LH423 to show the flight status in an iframe style window. Although a trivial example, it triggers the imagination of other uses such as the contextual linking of HR, CRM or ERP records or other internal systems. Brent also demo'ed the use of Google gadgets within Notes. Perhaps not as relevant to enterprise users, it still highlights the concept nicely.

I think IBM gets it right. We all spend many hours in our inbox. Why not make that experience more productive by exposing more useful content right in the email context?
This stuff's really cool!  I think this is one of those cases where desktop integration makes perfect sense, and really shows the advantages of moving to the Eclipse environment for Notes 8.

Link: Stefan Mehlhorn: Google gadgets in Notes > (Thanks, Alistair)

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