Redmonk analyst Stephen O'Grady attended IBM's Linux briefing for analysts last week...

For all its aggressiveness in the server space, however, IBM is still somewhat cautious about the outlook for Linux on the client; more cautious, I think, than it needs to be. No one's saying that Linux is going to blow the doors off Windows, but the Workplace stuff is an interesting cross-platform thick client with thin client manageability that could be pushed harder, IMO. Ken Bisconti from Lotus did an excellent demo of the latest rev of the Workplace client (on Red Hat), and it was pretty impressive. Hope to have a beta soon.
Ken did a similar demonstration at the customer briefing I was at in Palisades last week.  The Workplace client is looking very complete, very fluid and seamless to me at the 2.5 (almost shipping) stage.  It's warranting a more serious look.

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