Man, Stephen O'Grady is unbelievable.  Talked with him a fair bit at the press/analyst dinner last night, and afterwards, he still had the energy to go write extensive blog articles on what he's seen here at Lotusphere.  Part 1 is here, and part 2 covers Connections, Quickr, and Notes 8:

There are lots of changes to the product in terms of usability and so on that I won't cover here, but the most compelling to me is the look and feel. Yesterday's keynote featured a quote from my colleague calling the release "pretty freaking slick" (which was, I believe, a slight editing for this more general audience), and I concur. Notes 8 client is, simply put, one of the nicer looking Eclipse RCP based clients I've seen to date, on par with what Microsoft is delivering in its quite attractive new Office release. The look and feel might seem superficial, but it's a much more significant factor than you might think with end user adoption and training. Kudos to the UI design team here.
Link: Stephen O'Grady, RedMonk: Lotusphere Q&A: Part II, Connections, Quickr and More >

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