Two more articles about the Lotus Notes for Linux announcement that are making the rounds, both by InfoWorld's Neil McAllister:

Infoworld, Lotus Notes on Linux: Time to bite?:

We're seeing the begininng of a concerted effort on the part of companies like IBM and Novell to challenge Windows for a piece of the corporate desktop. The question that remains is whether the uncertainty around Windows Vista is enough to persuade customers to bite.
Techworld, Notes breaks away from Windows:
But if you're a Notes customer who has been considering alternatives to Windows, this is big news. If you're not a Notes customer, you might consider becoming one. The addition of Lotus Notes brings a full, rich enterprise collaboration platform to Linux.

It joins the broad catalogue of mature, commercial-grade applications already available on the free OS, such as the productivity suite, the Firefox browser, and the Gimp image-manipulation program.  ...

"The year of desktop Linux" has been declared so prematurely, so often, that it's become something of an industry in-joke. But one thing I can guarantee you: This year, Microsoft won't be laughing. Not even a chuckle.

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