IBM has just published a pretty-cool executive four-page brochure on the value of upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 7.  Features quotes from Lotus customers and partners, along with key callouts on the benefits of the release.  Thanks to all who offered quotes for this one...and if you'd like to be featured in the next one, let me know!

Link: Straight talk from IBM clients: praise for Lotus Notes and Domino 7 >

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  1. 1  Nathan T. Freeman  |

    I've heard of Fuji Film. I've heard of KEMET. Who are the rest of these companies and why should I care about what they have to say? There's 5 quotes from people at a German university I've never even heard of.

    For a product with 120 million users, why aren't we seeing quotes from General Motors or Intel or the US DoD or Coca-Cola? Why aren't these guys all in the Fortune 1000?

    Just seems like a weird set of quotes -- more likely the kind of customer list you see from a small business partner than IBM itself.

  1. 2  Chris Whisonant |

    Nathan - thanks... :)

  1. 3  Philip Storry |

    @1 Nathan,

    If they were all Fortune 1000 companies, then you'd just be asking why there's nobody you'd not heard of - which implies that Domino is only suitable for large enterprises.

    A better spread would make me happier, yes. But this is a good start. :-)

  1. 4  Charles Robinson  |

    To Nathan's point, for all anybody knows these are made-up companies and made-up people. No offense, Chris. ;-) You have to admit, the "Groupware Competence Center" sounds like an academic thinktank to scam money.

  1. 5  Ed Brill |

    The GCC is far from a scam -- Dr. Prof. Nastansky and his team are among the most respected Notes authorities anywhere in the world.

    Might not be much help if you don't speak German, but the website is at

    { Link }

    As for the "name brand" issue -- larger companies tend to be a) slower to upgrade and b) less willing to be public references. But I'll ask the question I asked in the main posting -- where are -your- quotes? I'll happily push for another brochure to be done if we get some more good ones.

  1. 6  Chris Whisonant |

    Ed, I will say that this was a fairly open process. There was a thread at devWorks that Rocky linked at his blog:

    { Link }

    Lotus WW Marketing solicited responses to some questions and I provided some positive and negative feedback. I agreed to allow them to contact me and I provided some more feedback over the phone including the 13% CPU reduction quote in the brochure. I actually documented these numbers for my Lotusphere session with Kim Greene.

    Like you said, though, larger companies tend to hold off from upgrades and shy away from this type of publicity.

  1. 7  Roberto Boccadoro  |

    @1 - I cannot even tell you the name of some of my customers... imagine if I can publicly use them as references.


  1. 8  Wayne Weinheimer  |

    First thing, I'm always happy to see Notes in any ads.

    A couple questions - how is this to be distributed? Who is the intended market?

    @1 - I agree Nathan. What would be said if a similar document was released from Microsoft quoting a "director, Outlook and Exchange research", or quoting a business partner that has received Microsoft's equivalent of Lotus Advisor Awards, or quoting a business partner that plugs its product?

    I would be happy to put forward a quote, but we're not on 7 yet.

  1. 9  Nathan T. Freeman  |

    @2 - Chris, y'know I love ya. Of course *I've* heard of you, but it would diminish my point to put in "I only know Chris because we've run in the same circles for ten years or so." :-)

    @7 - That's just the problem. Why can't IBM get marketing buy-in from it's larger customers? When I was at Relavis, we had no problems getting quotes from the likes of British Airways, Coca-Cola, National Semiconductor and Commerce Clearing House. They still post a pretty recognizable set of case studies -- { Link } And they're a fairly small business partner.

    Lemme put it another way: 3 of the 4 most profitable companies in the world use Sametime, right? Where are the marketing quotes?

    Back in '94, there was a Lotus ad I saw with a quote from a senior guy at Intel that said "What's the ROI on Notes? What's the ROI on the air you breathe?" Where are our statements like that?

  1. 10  Chris Whisonant |

    @9 - Just giving you a hard time Nathan! :) Good points on trying harder to get quotes. But like Ed said, the big shots may not have upgraded yet (or upgraded enough to demonstrate any ROI).

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