February 26 2007

A topic I was asked about during Lotusphere was sub-capacity licensing for Domino.  

The license terms for Lotus Domino require that you license based on the number of processor value units associated with the server hardware you run Domino on.  Increasingly, because of virtualization techniques or other server capabilities, customers ask about ways to allocate a percentage of the server's hardware capacity to Domino, and pay only for those processors actually running Domino.  Today, no such option exists.  Other IBM products, such as WebSphere Portal, have sub-capacity models, though, so there is precedent.

Over the last few days, I've brought this topic up in a few conversations within Lotus.  While the primary use case for wanting such licensing terms is fairly obvious, I'm trying to dig into secondary effects.  Is this simply (here comes the sales guy in me) a scenario of "I want to pay less for Domino", or would sub-capacity licensing offer new and different approaches for Domino deployments?  Would, for example, there be scenarios where you might spin up a 2-way Domino server in a remote site running on the same honkin' server as that office's ERP system?

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