Support for Lotus Symphony

October 15 2008

After a short customer meeting near Heathrow, I'm headed onward to the Frankfurt area tonight.  During this quick stop, UK messaging sales leader Darren Adams was kind enough to give my boss and I a lift to the airport.  One of our topics of discussion was how customers can obtain support for Lotus Symphony.  

When Symphony first shipped, Lotus introduced a flat fee Elite Support price for an annual Symphony support contract.  The cost is very reasonable -- US$25,000 per year.  At this price, you can have up to 20 named callers and support up to 20,000 users -- a very cost-effective model.  

Darren pointed out that at the low end, though, this is an expensive option for organizations with a dozen or few hundred employees.  No worries, though -- between us, Kevin and I came up with three additional support options that are available at a lower cost for the low-end:

  • We provide free forum-based support for Symphony on the Symphony website.  These forums are monitored by the product development team and responses are provided in a timely manner.
  • Buy Lotus Notes or Lotus Collaboration Express licenses -- both include support for the integrated Symphony tools that are part of the Notes 8 client.  You can buy as small as quantity 1 of Collaboration Express and be able to access support.
  • Buy a Lotus Foundations server -- in addition to all of the great automation and collaboration capabilities of the Foundations server, Foundations included a supported license for Lotus Symphony.

All of these sound like great ways to introduce Symphony into small business, at a great price and with full vendor support.

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