A VERY interesting press release from Lucid8:

A recent survey provides clear evidence that a large number of organizations are experiencing disastrous Exchange Server failures. The survey was conducted by Lucid8, a provider of automated disaster prevention, optimization and recovery software for Microsoft Exchange Server and was directed at organizations that rely heavily on e-mail as a driving force in communications. More than 360 IT managers, messaging and Exchange specialists participated in the study, providing a highly representative base of respondents.
Seems like a pretty good sample size and solid methodology...let's take a look at the results.
- Nearly three quarters of the respondents had suffered from an Exchange disaster. 70 percent of these firms stated that their Exchange Server was down for at least eight hours, and 45 percent said it was down for more than 24 hours per incident.

- Almost half of the respondents stated the cost of lost opportunity was more than $5,000 per incident, and 23 percent reported that they had experienced permanent data loss from server disasters.
70% of firms have had at least eight hours downtime per incident, and almost half have had more than one day downtime per incident.  One quarter have experienced permanent data loss.

It almost would be too easy to talk about Domino's multiplatform characteristics, single mailbox per user deployments, and shared-nothing clustering at this point.  The survey results would be substantially different for IBM Lotus Domino customers.  Hmmm...

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