David Russell pinged me that it might be worthwhile to cover a pretty big issue -- the pending changes in US daylight savings time.  It turns out that Susan Bulloch was about 12 hours (non-adjusted) ahead of David's e-mail, and she writes:

So what's the deal?  Normally, on the first week in April, your computers and automated systems of all kinds wake themselves up and know automatically to move everything forward an hour.  (You manually reset the old fashioned clocks, including the ones in your car)  How do they know to do this?  There are settings - in Windows its registry settings, in Java its a table, in other systems - its other places, but there's a definition somewhere that tells the computer that on that date, at 2 AM, change things until I tell you otherwise, which as far as your OS knows now is the last Sunday in October.  Problem is, this year, and until they decide to change it again, your computer will be wrong.  That means everything that relies on your computer for knowing what time it is will be wrong.

Which is every piece of software you own.  
So it's not just a Notes issue, but it most definitely affects Notes.  Susan points to IBM's daylight savings time alert:
Many systems and applications can be changed now. This site will help you find the necessary information for affected products, so that you can plan updates to help reduce the risk of application and system failure resulting from this change.
So get busy or you might be taking it in the behind for being a little bit behind...

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Link: IBM.com: Daylight Saving Time Alert (all IBM products) >
Link: IBM Technote: Effects of 2007 Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes on Lotus Notes Calendaring and Scheduling functionality and Resource Reservation functionality >

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