Just finished listening to Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux's latest Taking Notes podcast.  Episode 31 features guests Eric Mack and Alan Lepofsky, with the discussion mostly focused on why some people "get Notes" and others don't.  They talk about ways to help evangelize Notes -- notably, focus on the solutions and productivity, rather than the technical jargon and acronym soup.  Eric highlights some examples from his long-time experience working directly with clients, Bruce discusses some real-world production applications, and everyone generally applauds Alan's weblog for being one of the best resources to help end-users benefit more from Notes.

If I may, Julian, I'd like to try to answer your question posed to Alan, which was "what's the difference between sales and marketing?"  (Google is gonna love that question)  First, Alan's super-cool sports convertible probably disproves his assertion about who drives the cool cars.  Putting that aside, sales is responsible for the direct (or partner) relationship with customers and providing that customer input back into an organization.  Marketing is classically concerned with the four "Ps" -- product, price, place (distribution channels), promotion.  Marketing deals more with the "market" in aggregate -- not just individual customers.  The two are often considered together (and in some companies, report into the same executives) because they are the outward-facing demand generation roles.  Roles like mine in IBM also make it a little blurry, since I own a product rather than a set of customers...and my background is in marketing.

Anyway, great job guys, well worth the listen.

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