My in-flight entertainment today is Taking Notes Podcast episode 92, where Bruce Elgort and Tom "Duffbert" Duff discuss Getting Things Done (GTD), Lotus Notes, and Lotusphere with Eric Mack and GTD author David Allen.  Eric and David will be speaking at Lotusphere 2009, talking about GTD and eProductivity and how Lotus Notes fits in all of that.

Some very insightful discussion -- interesting to hear how many people and organizations are still resistant to collaboration and information sharing, yet David and Eric have both been promoting the notion now for 15 years.  I think one of the key messages of their podcast, as well as a thought I expect to be front and center in their Lotusphere session, is how individual productivity enhances the ability and willingness to share and collaborate.  

Around 30 minutes in, it's clear that some of the messages are directed my way, right, Bruce?  As such, I am really looking forward to their session at Lotusphere....Monday, 5 PM, in the Swan.  Following the session, David will be autographing copies of his latest book in the Lotusphere product showcase.  It's a real honor to have the two of them on the Lotusphere stage for Lotusphere 2009.

Link: Taking Notes podcast, episode 92 >

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