Just finished listening to the Taking Notes podcast, episode 93.  Paul Mooney, Bill Buchan, Tom Duff, and hosts Julian Robichaux and Bruce Elgort look into their crystal balls and talk about their hopes, expectations, and predictions for Lotusphere.

It's well worth a listen -- I laughed out loud several times, especially the guesses at the guest speakers.

But if I may, one comment -- you guys put way too much emphasis on the content of the Lotusphere Opening General Session.  Paul Mooney actually realizes this at 23 minutes in, where he says there will be other sessions with equal focus.  Then Julian picks up the theme a couple of minutes later... you all read well.  For one thing, some of the "news" and announcements are being held for later in the week, or in breakout sessions.  There's just too much to fit it all into the OGS (and to get attention as a result), and some of it fits much better in the breakout sessions.

Which reminds me, I need to get back to my session preparation...

Link: Taking Notes podcast, episode 93: The Pre-Lotusphere podcast >

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