This popped up on a Google alert for me over the weekend... I am honestly not sure why it is buried in a channel announcement deep in the IBM website, and why the PDF seems to crash my browser.  Will see if I can find the right person to discuss both.  Assuming you get to it and open it in Acrobat, it's a very cool paper...

In the following study, we'll explore details for example of savings of almost a $1M Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by running Domino mail on one Power 750 with 12 cores running at 57% CPU utilization instead of using 41 HP ProLiant DL380 G5 systems with a total of 164 cores running at 17% CPU utilization.

Consolidation savings include 85% in software maintenance, 95% in floor space and 96% in energy costs. We will also see more than $500,000 in TCO savings using Power when compared to consolidation using 20 HP Nehalem-EP based systems.
Link: TCA/TCO Study on Lotus Domino x86 consolidation to IBM Power Systems >

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