Exchange 2007 released to manufacturing last week.  Lots of changes for an admin to think about versus Exchange 2003, with little net-new in the way of feature benefits as a result of these changes.  

Takeaway: Here are some of the features that Microsoft is taking away in Exchange 2007; ones that could make migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 a little more difficult.
My favorite is that they've taken away the ability to manage Exchange users from Active Directory users and computers.  Wasn't "single seat administration" one of the big selling points of Exchange 200x?

One thing that didn't change from the announced Exchange 2007 spec -- Microsoft released it as 64-bit only.  I was skeptical when they fist announced this decision, even making a bet they'd reverse it by release.  But they didn't -- and in the intervening months, I think it's become clear why that's the case -- the current Exchange shared-database architecture is so throttled by having a few very large files open on a server, that they simply need more addressable memory to make the server work.  Amazing to me that an e-mail server needs that kind of horsepower.

The other big question I have is how Microsoft, with 65,000-ish employees, is claiming to have 120,000 mailboxes running on Exchange 2007 internally.  But it wouldn't be the first time I can't figure out their math.

Link: Tech Republic: So long Exchange features--we hardly knew ye! > (obrigado, Daniel)

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