Not sure I would have thought this news-worthy....Lotus Notes customers have been making interesting customizations to their e-mail environment for many years.  Culture, as much as technology, plays a role here:

Nielsen management, after years of research, has finally come up with an adequate solution to cluttered e-mail inboxes and inefficiency in office environments: control-deleting the reply-to-all button from the messaging software.

In a move that could have come straight from Mike Judge's Office Space, the company has decided to remove the button from their e-mail program of choice, Microsoft Outlook, affecting all 35,000 employees across the globe. In a memo, republished by Folio, Andrew Cawood, Chief Information Officer for Nielsen Company, writes that the measure will "eliminate bureaucracy and inefficiency".
Link: TechCrunch: Nielsen Deletes Reply-To-All Button >

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