Presumably one of the last public presentations for Mr. Rhodin as Lotus GM...

During his VoiceCon Orlando 2008 keynote, Mike Rhodin, General Manager of IBM Lotus software, predicted five future trends that IBM believes "reshape the way businesses and workers communicate and collaborate."

Considering IBM said earlier this month it will invest $1 billion over the next three years in the unified communications market, the company better hope their predictions come true and lead to a "fast-growing unified communications market."

In a March 19 press release, IBM outlined Rhodin's predictions. Here's the list and my take on whether I think they're likely to come true.
The first one is "The Virtual Workplace will become the rule", and sitting here in my hotel room in Manchester, I have to certainly agree with that -- at least for some of us, it's already the case.

Link: TechRepublic: IBM predicts demise of traditional offices >

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