My weblog was referenced in part two of this report about analysts and weblogging.  It's not because of what you think...rather about a different analyst report and its reaction.  Would have been interesting to go back a few months to that series of competitive reports from the summer, though.....

Slashdot readers are not unique in their skepticism. For example, Ed Brill, worldwide sales leader for the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino product line, made a post to his personal blog(2) last October seeking reactions to an IBM-funded report by Robert Frances Group. Reader comments ranged from a detailed critique of shortcomings, to general criticisms of vendor-sponsored research, to a Microsoft employee challenging the premise of the report.
The whole report is very interesting, and has considered input from many of the analyst bloggers that are worth regular reads.
Link: Tekrati: Special Report: The state of analyst weblogs > (Be sure to read part 2 as well)

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