Texxi: A cool Domino app

December 21 2006

I got a note the other day from the nice people at Texxi, letting me know that their business is running on Notes/Domino.

Image:Texxi: A cool Domino app

Pretty cool stuff -- their system lets taxi passengers aggregate themselves for shared rides, yet reap the benefit of having an on-demand service.  They feel like it is an especially useful service at times of peak taxi demand, such as late night club-goers on Fridays and Saturdays.

Looks like their startup market is Liverpool, England -- can anyone imagine some young lads 40 years ago making use of a service like this?  Maybe I'll make the 30 mile drive from Warrington to Liverpool and check it out when I am at Triangle's Lotusphere Comes to You event in Warrington on March 1.

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