It's become a bit of a recurring theme to visit my frolleague Darren Adams's blog and find topics that he feels like he's missed the chance to blog first, finding the topic already well-covered on  Since Darren is often too busy trouncing me in Words with Friends, he seems to occasionally be lagging on that first-mover blog post that would rocket him to the top of PlanetLotus.

Well, little did I know that Darren had a mighty wildcard tucked away, which he debuted yesterday.  At, Darren has started to capture simple, clear messages about what rocks in Lotus Notes 8.x and how end-users -- yes, those real people who use the product every day -- can take advantage of them.

In the past we've seen other individual efforts like this, such as my friend and former colleague Alan Lepofsky's Notes tips (I still see these come up on Google searches frequently).  Darren has applied what he's learned over a long career with Notes to a very simple set of "embrace the wonderfulness" messages.

I expect we'll see much more from Darren on the site.  The pages have their own good stuff, but being able to stand up on its own, has the refinement to help users succeed.  I'd recommend it as a good companion to the Notes 8 learning plug-in -- still the best example of "show the product" education on the pages of today.

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