While there were a lot of interesting conversations yesterday at the Lotusphere Comes to You in Toronto/Markham, I heard one phrase over and over: "Thank you for coming up".  Canadians, you are so polite, but look -- you are all very welcome, there's no need to thank me.  As customers and partners in the Lotus software ecosystem, it is you I should be (and do) thank -- for your business, for your support, for your feedback, and for your hospitality.  

I can't count the number of times I've been to Toronto in the last dozen years, but this is obviously the city outside the US I visit more often than anywhere else.  It is a pretty expensive visit this time, with the US$ at a 1:1 exchange rate.  But as I sit in a lounge on the 43rd floor of this hotel, looking out at a beautiful skyline and lake, I feel more at home here than anywhere but home.

A number of people reached out to try to put together dinner plans during this visit, but I brought my family (they love Toronto, too) and we are taking it easy for a few days.  We walked the streets of the entertainment district last night, and I was amazed at how many of those restaurants I have eaten in over the years (and that they are all still here).  It's a city I drive mostly without using GPS, though with all the construction of the moment, the landmarks are constantly changing.  Torontonians have finally discovered that lakefront vistas are attractive and desirable, and the pace of construction near the waterfront is on par with any fast-growing city in China.

Today, I'm back out in Markham at IBM HQ for the Canadian Cross-Country Lotus user group.  After that, it's more play time in the city, a few market visits, and of course more great food (like my visits to Australia, I tend to eat Asian when in Toronto -- it's just so much better here than at home).  Again, thank you to all my friends in T.O. for a great LCTY and see you again soon!

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