An IBM sales rep just pinged me and let me know that her customer is going to stop a pending decision to migrate to Microsoft and instead convert over 1000 of their users to Lotus Notes.  Yay!

While we regularly win decisions at customers, based on providing the best solution for their needs, it's always good to hear about it.  This one is even better because an advocate for IBM Lotus within the customer felt like the IBM side of the story wasn't getting heard -- and did something about it.  They posted on the developerWorks Lotus Notes/Domino forum, where someone else suggested that the customer contact me.  Once he did, I looked up the right salesperson and got in contact with them.  Introductions were made, meetings were held, and our story was heard.

I don't want to draw attention to the individual post or people involved.  It's not important.  What matters is that this community, time and again, demonstrates how willing you are to help one another... or help IBM.  For that, I thank you.

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