Thank you, Grand Rapids

September 14 2005

We had better than 100% turnout in Grand Rapids this morning for the combined user group and Notes/Domino 7 "Think outside the inbox" event.  Really good meeting and discussion.  It was my first chance to use the official Notes/Domino 7 launch keynote presentation, giving me a chance to fine-tune it a bit.  Things I learned today:

  • The nice people in Michigan are very respectful of time.  They were all at the event before the 9 AM start time, and they were all back in their seats before the 15 minute break had elapsed.  I've gotten so used to casual attitudes about time, this was really refreshing.  Thanks.
  • 100% of the audience was running Notes/Domino 6.5or 7 in their environments.  No R5 left.  No 6.0.x left.  Great testimonial to the value of the 6.x releases.
  • 60% of the audience was utilizing the instant messaging built into Notes 6.5.
  • There were some Linux, iSeries, and pSeries server users, as well as Windows.  Not much in Solaris or zOS/zLinux.
  • Archiving and mailbox quotas are an issue for these customers, managing multi-gigabyte mailboxes and retention.
Great discussion, great feedback -- and best of all, there was no need to be defensive about the Lotus story.  I don't think I even had to answer a single competitive question.  IDC is right -- IBM/Lotus has succeeded in telling a compelling story about the future of productivity and collaboration.

Looking forward to tomorrow's event here in Columbus.

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