A few days ago, I received an e-mail that has been top of mind since landing at Pearson Airport last night.  The word is cheese, in this case, The Cheese Boutique in Etobicoke, Toronto.  Kurt Binnie e-mailed me about this delectable deli, and the drive back into the city after a series of customer meetings was passing right through this area.  There was no doubt as to where we were headed.

Toronto Cheese Boutique

A gourmet market that parallels anything I've seen anywhere.  And the cheese cave -- amazing, they age many cheeses right there on-site, some for years.  I sampled twelve, bought three, along with some other assorted foodie goodness.  

The staff was very very helpful, mostly friendly, but serious about their work.  They said that the weekend is an even better time, as they have a bigger bakery of breads.  Too bad it took until what is probably my dozenth visit to Toronto... thanks Kurt!

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