Thank you, Olaf

February 5 2005

Still so much catch-up blogging to do from the last few weeks.

For those who weren't at the Lotusphere 2005 "Domino blogging community" birds-of-a-feather session, news might not have reached your eyes about the touching gift I received there from "Olaf Björklund".  Bill Buchan hand-carried a gift from "Olaf" to me -- a custom t-shirt celebrating Lotusphere (this was before Bill had opened that bottle of Highland Park....).  It is too bad "Olaf" wasn't able to join us at Lotusphere, especially since he missed the Geekdinner in Staines back in October.  Still, in a very thoughtful gesture, "Olaf" has made the t-shirt available on cafepress.  That's really nice, especially since over a week later, I still can't tell who the heck two of these faces are (you'll have to view the larger version to even attempt a guess)....

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