Well this was completely unexpected....

Image:Thank you: PlanetLotus.org blogger award

For the last couple of weeks, PlanetLotus.org has had voting open for blogger of the year.  I am totally surprised by this, in a good way of course!  

Thank you.  I appreciate that the community voted to recognize my blog and blogging.  I am sorry I was not there to accept the award in person... three meetings already this afternoon.

Great to see so many of you already.  My apologies if I haven't been perfect about remembering names and faces.  It is always a rush to be back at Lotusphere....doing all the familiar things and yet excited about what's new this year.

I am off to dinner with Penumbra Group and then back for a 10:30 PM meeting (yes, really)... the beat goes on and I'm sorry I won't be able to join the great group that always assembles at ESPN club tonight.  See many of you at Lotusphere Business Development Day tomorrow!

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