Thank you, western Canada!

December 14 2006

Over the last 45 days, I've met with over 100 Canadian customers and business partners across Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary.  This morning here in Calgary even surprised me -- we had about 10 more people turn up than had registered for the event.

I always learn something from the Q&A at these events.  For one, I have learned that I can't cover all the updates needed in just two hours.  You want to know about Designer 8, DWA 8, DECS/LEI 8, Quickplace and Domino Document Manager futures.  You want to know about mobile/wireless updates, what's going on with other Lotus products.  It's just all too much when there has been so much going on with Notes, Domino, and Sametime during 2006 and with Notes/Domino 8 beta the focus of these sessions.

I'd like to thank the Kryos team for their thoughtful customized "cubicle guy" gift. I've never seen these before, and even with work-at-home, I can relate to the little IT guy slaving away in cubicle land -- that was me, admittedly many years ago.  Next time I'll use his voodoo magic when my hard drive is whirring away during a presentation.

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