Thanks, Bruce

October 2 2013

Bruce Elgort has been a friend of mine for nearly fifteen years. He has been a mentor, an advocate, a sounding board, a cheerleader, and even a therapist. :-) Today, Bruce is stepping down as chairman of the IBM Notes-related open source community called Bruce and Nathan Freeman conceived of OpenNTF a dozen years ago. I didn't quite know what to make of the guy and the idea, and at the time wasn't in a position where I could put any of IBM's energy into the effort (other than having the lawyers warn against "NotesOSS" as a name...probably the right call though I realize many still remember that with some angst).

I can't imagine where I would be today without Bruce. He contributed to my book, he and I chat online almost every day. I know he's definitely humbled by all this attention today, but Bruce, if anyone deserves it, you do. THANK YOU for everything, and best for your continued success in your newfound academic career.

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  1. 1  Norm Van Bergen  |

    All the best to you, Bruce - you (and Ed, and so many others) are such a large part of why this community has flourish over the years!

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