That does it for the Tumi

October 11 2006

Not even three years ago, I bought what I thought would be the laptop bag for a long time from Tumi.  In the last few months, though, it started to deteriorate quickly.  There were two tears in the fabric, including one at the shoulder strap mount point.  The exterior on the back/bottom was all scruffy, both from a poorly-designed velcro location and from general on-the-floor wear-and-tear.  And the straw that broke the camel's back was when the zipper busted in two different places during last month's Australia trip (which, ironically, is where the last laptop bag busted as well).  So, knowing that Tumi has a great five-year warranty, I spent $25 a couple of weeks ago and had the local Tumi store send it in.

Today, I got a letter from Tumi asking me to call.  They have determined that my bag cannot be repaired under the warranty.  So much for "free from defects in materials or workmanship, including wear and tear," (emphasis mine)

Tumi's offer is a 50% discount on any current model bag.  Honestly, if the last one didn't hold up for even three years, why in the world would I want to buy another Tumi -- even at 50%-$25 off?  That doesn't work for me.  I need a durable computer bag, no questions or caveats.  I will probably move over to Briggs&Riley, who I've discovered seem to be best-in-class these days (also recommended by Kathleen McGivney, who has even more butt-in-seat miles this year than I do).  They have a myriad of choices -- I'm sure one is going to work for me.

Or maybe I just need to become a nomad. :-)

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