That’s viral

May 21 2007

Two weeks ago, the Notes/Domino team sent over a JPG of the Notes 8 splash screen, which I promptly posted to flickr. With just a mention here, a mention on Alan Lepofsky's site, and a couple of other posted links, that splash screen has been viewed almost 6,000 times over 14 days. Very cool.

My colleague Salvador Gallardo sent me a follow-up note, saying that some of his customers had asked for a bitmap of one of the images from the Lotusphere Comes to You strategy presentation. He thought others might be interested as well, so I've posted that one, too:

Notes Domino 8

Lotus marketing is working on other stuff that can be distributed externally, but I like the fact that thousands of people have checked out something "unofficial". What more can we do on that front?

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