A nice case study of how a very small business benefits from Lotus Foundations, at a very low acquisition cost:

``I did look at other options, but I never really let go of wanting to stay with Notes because we were using it and it has some inherent benefits such as the ability to replicate the databases really easily,'' Wilson says.  ``I did look at the Microsoft offering and it is good, but it didn't have the flexibility that I wanted because I need to develop new applications to get the jobs done inside our business.''

The Foundations technology allows EPSI employees to use any email client (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry and/or browser-based). It also enables running and customising third-party applications such as the shareware CRM package EPSI used.

Lotus Foundations was installed about nine months ago. EPSI bought an IBM X Series server for about $3000 (hardware only -- no operating system, as it comes with Foundations). It also purchased 18 Foundations user licences for about $200 each.

The system was deployed quickly and needed no ongoing maintenance. It has all the benefits of an on-site server without requiring the in-house IT skills.   EPSI now has a lot more space and bandwidth as a result of running Foundations on a server in-house.  The technology also cost up to 75 per cent less than the previous third-party system and provides EPSI with unprecedented flexibility.

Nice to see this in the mainstream Australian press.

Link: The Australian: Flexible EPSI takes the Lotus position > (Thanks, Erica and Gavin)

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