"The big cherry taste"

July 19 2005

Long-time readers of this blog will know two things about me: 1) I love to try regional junk food and 2) cherries are my favourite fruit.  Thus, I was pleased to see a local candy bar called "Cherry Ripe", advertised as "the big cherry taste".

Hmmm, one bite resulted in disappointment.  What the heck does coconut have to do with a product called Cherry Ripe?  Sorry, mates, I'm no fan of coconut.  I'll give this one a miss, and stick to some of the other treats like Cadbury Flake bars (which I know are available elsewhere) and Ben Rose's favourite -- Jaffas.

Other observations from a few days around Sydney:

  • New York Yankees baseball caps are very popular.  Dunno why.
  • I have yet to be in a taxi where the driver wears his/her seatbelt.
  • The Diet Coke with Lime here tastes better.

I'm sure I'll learn yet more Aussie culture tomorrow night at the Geekdinner!

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