Somewhere around the middle of last week, I wrote a draft blog entry on all the logistical challenges I had in Europe last week.  Reviewing it a few days later, a lot of it was pretty whiny.  But one thing still really irritates me -- when I pulled out of the Brussels airport, the motorways in front of me bore no resemblance to the navigation instructions I had from  These instructions guided me to take Motorway A1 towards Breda.  Just three problems:

  • There were no signs for A1
  • There were no signs for Breda
  • Map24 gave me my instructions in miles.
(I guess you could add a fourth -- not so much as a compass in the rental car, much less a nav system)

After 20 minutes trial and error, I eventually took a chance that the instruction to exit the ring towards Antwerp, since I knew generally that I would be heading the right direction and it seemed to correspond to Map24's exit name.  And only once taking this exit, marked E19, did I see the signs along the roadway, with "A1" in prominent red letters, and E19 in small yellow and blue.

I have no idea when the Belgians renamed their A1 into the European route E19, but you would think that would have had a clue.

Putting this aside it was an interesting drive.  The huge windmills at the Dutch/Belgian border are a major driving distraction -- especially in Tuesday's fog, they seemed really surreal.

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