At the birds-of-a-feather entitled "The Lotus Blogging Community" last week, Mikkel Heisterberg made a comment that is worth sharing with a broader audience.

His comment was that, as a result of the blogosphere, "the distance between me and IBM has never been shorter".

His example is a good story.  Several weeks ago, Mikkel wrote a blog about mailbox sizes in Domino.  Though I wasn't reading his blog, blogdigger snared it for me.... and it was off to the races.  I posted a comment asking Mikkel for more details about the support incident in question.  Once he e-mailed me, I involved Kathleen McGivney who involved Susan Bulloch.  We quickly determined that he had been given erroneous data from Lotus support -- a seven-year old technote that was actually marked internal anyway.  Not sure why the support analyst chose to send this out, but it happened.

With Kathleen and Susan's involvement, we were able to get a better document to Mikkel for reference.  We were able to get the support person to update the incident and provide more useful information (for this, and for any future such calls).  And we were able to get the erroneous information pulled from the support database.

Mikkel's story is not the only example of his comment.  Part of the reason that this weblog helps me be successful in my job is simply because of the direct connection to my customers.  It's not even just me -- I've had engineers pore through comments here in the hopes of making their features better, executives rush to to read reactions to announcements, and product managers/marketing people draw ideas (good and bad) through the discussions here.  The number of IBM eyes on this blog is huge -- about 5% of overall hit count.  And that's what makes things cool -- we as a company have another tool to interact with you as a customer and partner community -- our "family".  

This is why I am trying to find ways to draw out new voices into the blogs -- the more the merrier.

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