Heard a cool competitive story in one of my customer meetings here yesterday.  A customer evaluated Lotus Domino on Linux side-by-side with a Microsoft Exchange server.  The Exchange/Windows server needed to be rebooted on about a monthly basis.  The Domino/Linux server ran for a year without downtime -- until a power outage took it down (no UPS attached to it).  Good story.

Other observations from the Jamacian Computer Society meeting:

  • Interesting to see how involved IBM is in the local market.  I didn't see any of our traditional competitors investing in this conference -- not Microsoft, Oracle, etc.  Some of their partners were here, but not a match for the dozen+ IBMers.
  • The Notes/Domino 7 launch was a hit on Friday night.  The local team arranged for a domino tournament -- yes, real dominoes, but you get the joke.  What I didn't know is how intense the game is played here -- don't tell my boss, but there were more people (100+) at the dominoes tournament than at my launch presentation (50-75).  Perhaps the open bar and the iPod giveaway had something to do with that, though.
  • The speeches at the conference emphasized how important information and communication technology is in moving Jamaica forward.  They have very solid IT infrastructure here, better than most of the other islands, but are not complacent.  Each IT leader and speaker takes their role as architect of the country's future prosperity seriously.  I've never had that sense of commitment pervade a conference elsewhere.
  • The Jamaicans pull no punches in vendor meetings.  We had some really good ones, with a lot of candor but some laughs, too.   I enjoyed this window into the local market.
Next stop Toronto, for Tuesday's ND7 launch.  I'm sure I'll see some of you there.

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