The Dopplr box

April 9 2008

Yesterday, two weird things happened.  I added a "badge" from to, and 1) a few people noticed that it is rendering too wide on IE -- while I had a complete blind spot in thinking about IE, and 2) the discussion about me adding Dopplr occurred almost entirely on Twitter.

I started looking at Dopplr again yesterday because I'm about to hit a flurry of travel over the next eight weeks -- somewhere almost every week.  Many of these trips include public events or time for potential geekdinners, so Dopplr's ability to broadcast this made some sense.  I've also heard from colleagues and blog readers that Dopplr has gotten pretty useful as a tool, so I thought it was time to check it out again.

I'm not sure if I like it.  You have to be a Dopplr member, and I have to specifically choose to share my travel with you, to get any more detail than what you see on that badge.  Maybe I haven't explored it enough to see what other options might exist.  And I can't seem to solve the badge width issue -- someone kindly sent me a modification to my CSS, but that only made things better in Firefox, the same (bad) in IE.

John Head mentioned as an alternative, but they don't appear to have an embeddable badge.

I'll keep playing with this over the next few days.  Maybe the best solution for now is to go back to the old "where I'm going" page that used to be on my links.

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