An interview with our own Chris Blatnick on what it means to be an employee evangelist...

We think you will be astonished at the passion, energy and commitment that Chris has put into promoting Lotus Notes.
not those of us who know him....
While I loved helping people internally, I always felt there was more I could contribute.  Lotus Notes has a vibrant on-line community, with many bloggers sharing their knowledge and thousands of people around the world participating in various web forums.  Two years ago I started my own blog and began spreading the word by participating in some of the major Lotus conferences as an industry speaker.  I've really enjoyed the opportunities I've had to interact with people from all over the world via my blog and like to think that my efforts have helped strengthen the Lotus brand in some small way.
Not small, man, not small.

Link: The Employee Factor: Meet Chris Blatnick - An Employee Evangelist! >

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