Forrester muses over what IBM's release of iNotes for the iPhone means for the overall mobility market...

This time around, it's IBM that did it -- a third-party. And that is the crux of the matter: An independent company can extend the value of iPhone by building a mobile Internet application. Nothing new there; after all the AppStore has a gazillion apps already. That's the iPhone part of the equation.
# Lotus Notes. This part of the equation should start to attract the interest of information and knowledge management professionals on the Notes platform (about 40% of our enterprise customers run Notes, and they are the biggest companies and organizations).

IBM has no axe to grind with any mobile device (unlike Microsoft, who is required to promote Windows Mobile devices -- though we've seen a lot of iPhones on the Redmond campus lately). Therefore, it can afford to be device agnostic. The Armonk software giant has long supported BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Mobile devices. It now supports iPhone.
From there, Ted Schadler goes on to comment about the developing market for business use of the iPhone, and what it means for Apple, RIM, and the market overall.

Link: The Forrester Blog: iPhone + Lotus Notes = Opportunity + Annoyance >

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