Last Friday, on my way out of London, I stopped off at The Guardian newspapers HQ in London.  I was there at the invitation of technology editor Charles Arthur who, when the Fake Steve Jobs blog attacked me and Lotus Notes last January, ultimately concluded an offline e-mail discussion about it with an offer to visit the Guardian when next in London.  It took another eight months to get there on business, and I wish I could have done it sooner.  At any rate, Charles honoured his earlier offer, and my colleage Pete Hampton and I journeyed to the meeting, Macbook with Notes 8.5 in hand, with some admitted trepidation over not knowing how our discussion would play out.

Well, it couldn't have been a nicer, more professional visit.  Charles took us into an audio studio, whereby we proceeded to record a 20 minute podcast.  His questions were thoughtful and prepared.  He was balanced yet didn't hesitate to bring up criticisims of Notes, while giving me the opportunity to respond to them.  In short, one of the most interesting journalist interviews I've done in some time.  Once we finished the recording, I offered to show him Notes 8.5 on the Mac, which he played with for a minute or two on our way out.  Pete also mentioned some of our regional successes with Notes 8, not just on Mac but also on Ubuntu Linux, which was quite interesting to me as well.

The technology section of The Guardian runs on Tuesdays, thus I waited to blog about the interview until today to see how the podcast turned out.  You can see for yourself, starting at 22:28 into the podcast.  It's a little unfortunate that, in the end, Charles (and his cohost on the podcast) stick to slagging off Notes, but it feels to me like it's still a 1+ to get some of this information out into the mass market.

Link: Tech Weekly podcast, Tuesday September 23 2008 >

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