IBM has announced a series of in-person and online workshops focused on Lotus technology developers...

As a collaborative application leader, IBM Lotus is offering this technical workshop to help developers like you take advantage of the latest application development technologies. It is designed to help you gain greater insight on building collaborative Web applications and will provide access to a range of developer focused materials such as technical presentations on our offerings and strategy, lab material with step-by-step tutorials and example code and projects that help fast track a first time developer.

Our experts will share some new tips and techniques for building collaborative Web applications. You can learn about the latest application developer advancements that will help extend your skills and expertise associated to designing and deploying world-class applications.
This workshop is offered in two formats--classroom and virtual.

Event highlights

               XPages and how it provides new advantages for your applications
               Composite applications and how they run in the Lotus Notes client
               How to extend the Eclipse RCP based Lotus Notes client using plugins
               How to build a Lotus Domino Web application using Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.1
Basically, a crash course in effective collaborative application development, using Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.x.

Face to face in 15 countries, plus virtual workshops on 12 and 19 October.  No charge to attend.

Link: IBM Innovation Centers: The Lotus developer summit >

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