Lotus software has a new front door on ibm.com, and some other interesting updates....

Image:The new Lotus brand home page  Image:The new Lotus brand home page

The changes are subtle but important.  First, the content is designed to be much more dynamic, with frequent updates.  Second, the "what we offer" box has been reorganized into two groupings -- by business need as well as by product category.  Click through on those, and you'll see graphics such as the second one above -- much more engaging, useful, and resourceful pages on IBM Lotus solutions.

These pages are still being refined and updated, which in and of itself is a change in that they're not looked at as static.  Updated customer stories, product links, news, and offers will all appear over time.  There is also work going on to improve how our product pages display in search engine results, so that it's not just those who come knocking that end up viewing the new front door.

Link: ibm.com: Lotus software >

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