Mary Beth Raven and the design team have posted two interesting downloads over the last week:

  • Mary Beth Raven and Paul Mooney's presentation from The View Admin2009, "Justifying your upgrade to Notes 8.0.2 or 8.5".  I really really like the way that they present the evidence and data that supports why the upgrade to the latest versions of Notes is so beneficial.  (Be sure to grab the right download link in the comments...I'm sure MBR will get the main body updated shortly!)
  • There's also the excellent paper that the Notes design team submitted to the ACM conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI).  I realized in reading it that as we've moved along the 8.x curve, I've dropped some of this content about how Notes 8 was built from my roadshow presentations.  That's probably worth revisiting, because the story is so impressive.  The Notes 8 redesign was the result of so many innovative product design efforts, and it's important not to lose sight of that.  Having heard what Mary Beth and the design team are up to for the next major Notes release, it's important to understand that this was no one-shot, check-the-box-and-move-on effort.  This team gets it, and they've taught it to the rest of the IBM -- and now, to the industry.

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