As with every Tuesday, this morning we find new channel announcements from IBM, today's including another announcement around Domino Express licensing.

In December, when I announced that we were adding clustering to Domino Collaboration Express, the response was "yeah, but" and y'all went on to ask about the other restrictions on Express. Well, those are all going away now, too, with today's announcement:

The following additional capabilities are provided:

Extended Access Control Lists
Cascading directories
Directory catalogs
Directory assistance
Central directory (userless Name and Address Book)
You won't see this all spelled out in the product software license agreement until the next version of Domino ships, but as IBM have not announced a ship date for the 8.5.3 release, I asked my team to work the system and get this change out sooner. We are also updating the Domino Express licensing FAQs, so watch for the changes there as well.

Yes, there is still plenty of work to do on Notes/Domino licensing; as I've promised, the license agreement itself will get a lot simpler with 8.5.3.
(Updated 4:28 PM CET 22-Mar with link)

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