When Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan submitted an abstract for a session called "Worst Practices" to Lotusphere 2006, I was a little nervous.  Who wants to put a message in front of decision-makers, competitors, analysts that bad things can happen to good software?  So, while I don't track manage that part of Lotusphere, I inserted myself.... asking Paul and Bill to see their content before we all got to Orlando.

I needn't have worried.  These guys are consummate professionals and put together a tremendously useful session.  It is so good, they've reprised --and updated-- it several times this year.  Now, they've taken it to the next level and created a website called TheWorstPractices.com.  Why a website?  A place to distribute the presentation as it has been given, sure...but also a place to share your "worst practices" experiences.  I'm sure most of you will be submitting stories along the lines of "when I got to XYZ company, boy were they a mess!"...right?

Check it out at TheWorstPractices.com >

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