The Quickr Picker Upper

January 25 2007

What must have been one of the best lines of the day.... at "ask the developers", the last question was about how Lotus could get into a different kind of social networking, promoting something like an online dating site.  After the laughs subsided, Art Thomas stood up and said "we're planning that, it'll be called 'The Quickr Picker-Upper'!".  What a great line, delivered 100% deadpan!

In two different post-conference events, there was much talk about community.  The community that resulted in 79 people showing up for the blogger birds-of-a-feather this morning -- more than any other BoF at the conference.  The community that provided great quotes which scrolled by on the big screen before the closing session (though I deliberately also picked some quotes from outside the normal Lotus blogging community).  The community that the core Lotusphere team embraces through best practices, speedgeeking, and barmy swan boat races.  And the community where I unexpectedly found myself at dinner with 30 other class individuals, not as sales executive talking to customer, but friend to friend.  That is what makes the long hours and intense decision-making and creativity and everything else all worth it.

Thank you all for a fantastic Lotusphere 2007.  I will have many more thoughts to share in the next few days, but for now, a suitcase must be packed.  Have a magical night...

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