The Reg on last week's nonannouncement, but the interesting bit is

Capossela added that Microsoft is making an effort to cut down the volume of email people are getting. "People often collaborate through email. They send each other attachments, which is a very inefficient way to work together on projects. We believe that innovations in the new Office 12 - such as Sharepoint and Groove - will ease the pain dramatically. Groove makes it easy to create team spaces, where people can work on projects."
Gee, Chris, didn't you say that about Office XP?  Isn't that the whole point of the advertisements you're running now about team sharing?  Guess that it's "wait 'til next year" once again for MS customers...
"The thing that Lotus Notes did not well at all was to solve inter-company problems," Capossela says. "With Notes you could easily build applications within the company, but it was extremely hard to expand that out. We now see that people are moving away from Notes, and start using Groove instead."
Moving away from Notes and start using Groove?  OK, so at least I was right, Microsoft is trying to add Groove to the sixteen product "integrated innovation" story around collaboration.  But seriously?  Moving to Groove?  Come on.

Link: The Register: Google Sun (Office) not a threat, says MS >  (Thanks, Patrick)

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