The Register reports on Microsoft's approach to winning customers to BPOS versus Google and, presumably, Notes/Domino or LotusLive.  The tactics described explain a lot.  In my personal opinion, this approach to business is way beyond "SPIFs" and even beyond "bounties".  And while the article discusses one customer who has made a Notes to Exchange Online decision in this context, it seems reasonable to think this payola approach is the real motivator behind other recent decisions.

So when are we hitting back?  Watch for August to be the most exciting "quiet summer month" in a long time. :-)

Chief operating officer Kevin Turner painted a rosy future for Microsoft in the cloud for Wall Street this week, but at the same time, Microsoft has been getting dirty. The Reg has learned that Microsoft is paying for partner sales people a bonus for converting customers from Gmail to Exchange.

Sales people at partners who provide hosted versions of Exchange Server receive between $5 and $7 for every Gmail inbox they convert.

The bonus is a form of payment known as a Sales Promotion Inventive Fund (SPIF), something that Microsoft does not typically offer to partner sales people.

Given the kinds of accounts Microsoft is winning on BPOS, that means Microsoft is taking a decent hit on every large Gmail account it converts.
Link: The Register: Microsoft gets dirty with Gmail cloud cash fight >

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