A new threshhold has been reached in the last day or two -- over 1000 comment spam attempts on edbrill.com in the last 24 hours.  Of them, only one made it through -- a manually entered one (and it didn't even have a link in it, weird).  

While it's great that the blog template has such powerful anti-spam features, it's still a bit tiring.  It also dawns on me that Google analytics looks at all these hits, skewing the overall data.  I wonder what the usage stats would show for the site without these rogue hits.

Still, I'm glad that I haven't had to resort to pattern matching, math formulas, or manual comment approval -- there are now over 20,000 active comments on this blog, across almost 2500 entries.  Without your comments, I'd just be talking to myself -- a monoblog, as it were.  Not interested.

Another spam tactic that hit this weekend for only the second time -- a spammer spoofed @edbrill.com as the return e-mail address on their blast out.  It's even more annoying to sort out the delivery failures and auto-replies for that, since edbrill.com mail goes to gmail (which I use in an attempt to check out other e-mail models besides Notes/Domino), and gmail doesn't successfully file 'em all as spam.  I laugh a lot when I see how many of the NDNs come from Domino mail servers -- that's one way to see how active the installed base is.

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